HealthNode Hospital Management System (Miscellaneous)

The HealthNode Hospital Management System is designed for any hospital to replace their existing manual paper based system. The new system is to control the information of patients. Room availability, staff and operating room schedules and patient invoices. These services are to be provided in an efficient, cost effective manner, with the goal of reducing the time and resources currently required for such tasks .It can be used in any Hospital, Clinic, Dispensary or Pathology labs for maintaining patient details and their test results.

Great New Features!!!
a. Multi user account system
b. Monitoring the whole hospital system
c. Management of all type of users’ account
d. Appointment Management
e. View Appointments
f. Notifications
g. Medical History
h. Invoice Management
i. Medical Report Management
j. Responsive User Interfaces

1)Admin module/Doctor module
2)User module (patient)

1 )Admin module/Doctor module:
a. View appointment of doctors
b. View transaction reports of patient payment
c. View medicine status of hospital stock
d. View diagnosis report
e. Manage patient. account opening and updating
f. Create, manage appointment with patient
g. Create prescription for patient
h. Provide medication for patients
i. Issue for operation of patients and creates operation report
j. Manage own profile

2 ) user module(patient):
a. View appointment list and status with doctors
b. View prescription details
c. View medication from doctor
d. Manage own profile

Coding language: PHP.
Database: MYSQL.

Yes, we do, based on your requirements, we can charge a fair amount.

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