Envato Purchase Verification Plugin for Auto PHP Licenser (Add-ons)

Envato Purchase Verification Plugin for Auto PHP Licenser is a fully automated licensing solution for authors who sell their products on Envato. Plugin uses existing Auto PHP Licenser module; therefore, protected application doesn’t require any extra code or files.

As a result, application has all the licensing and protection features of PHP license manager script along with complete Envato integration. This is how it works:

  • User is asked to enter his purchase code before using application. If code is not found in Auto PHP Licenser database, plugin looks for a matching purchase on Envato. If purchase exists, a new license for corresponding product is issued and application starts working. Otherwise, usage is blocked until valid purchase code is entered.
  • Plugin starts monitoring license on Envato. If purchase is cancelled or reversed, plugin automatically deactivates a corresponding license in Auto PHP Licenser database and application stops working on user’s machine.
  • In case of any event (new license issued, license deactivated, support expiration date updated, connection to Envato failed, etc.) plugin generates comprehensive reports in Auto PHP Licenser administration dashboard, so authors can track all activities easily.
  • Plugin detects Envato codes automatically; therefore, it’s fully compatible with custom (non-Envato) license codes used by some authors. All custom codes are handled by Auto PHP Licenser as usually.

The main Envato Purchase Verification Plugin features include, but are not limited, to:

  • Purchase code verification on Envato;
  • License activation for new purchases;
  • License status monitoring and update;
  • Support expiration date monitoring and update;
  • License deactivation for cancelled purchases;
  • Detailed reports of activities performed by user or plugin itself;
  • Automated Auto PHP Licenser integration;
  • Truly invisible, background operation;
  • No need to include extra files in protected applications;

Note: Envato Purchase Verification Plugin requires Auto PHP Licenser 1.9.2 or higher.

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